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Why Choose OPMW?


Financial markets operate in a polarized environment often concentrated around regions described as financial hubs.  Unfortunately, these financial centers tend to reside mainly in the few and most powerful nations; where financial ressources are abundant and trading excercices are best streamlined.  As a result, there is a vast ocean of underserved markets where entrepreneurs have so much to offer but no vehicule to share their products, services, or ideas with the rest of the world.


At OPMW, we wish to overcome this issue.  We believe in free and fair trade in 360 degrees of inflence.  Our mission is to become the connectors and enablers to business ventures full of potential and never imagined before, that is just because they are in an unprepared region of the world such as in an unstable state or in a nation economically poor.  Thus, we find great satisfaction in playing our part in the success of such ventures, as they tend to have a great and positive impact on their communities.


OPMW is a US based limited liability company invested in FinTech and Ecommerce.

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