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One People Many Ways


Buy and Sell anywhere

Internationaliize your way of doing business, while we provide you with the right tools.

OPMW is a B2B fintech cross-border plateform specifically designed to support businesses from emerging markets.

Our Services

We do not just provide you with a payment system.  We find the payment solution that is right for You.

Our Services

Payment Processing Solutions

Tailored for entrepreneurs with great products but challenged by a lack of services from their local banks.

Online Purchasing Solutions

Enabling and facilitating online shopping without a credit card, such as in cash or with mobile payment solutions.

Support & Consulting

Expect a team of experts guiding you and providing you the right financial tools to succeed as a global entrepreneur.


“I use OPMW often. If you want easy payments from your clients that work - OPMW got you covered.”

Rupert N.
CEO of Sahara Travel

Ready to find out more?

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your entreprise, and what you are trying to accomplish.  We will then study your case and give you some advices.

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